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Energy Technology Group offers formulations that are Eco-Friendly for a Greener-Cleaner World.

Products to get the job done while protecting our Planet.

Energy Technology Group, Inc. makes use of the latest technologies available and many years of combined experience to offer Premium Quality Products that significantly enhance, improve, and correct problems with all Diesel, Bio-Diesel, E-Diesel, Gasoline, Ethanol blended Gasoline's, (CVG, RFG), IFO's, MFO's, MGO's, Heating Oil, and other Fuels and to improve the lubricating ability and service life of oils and greases.

Products for Fleets, Distributors, Jobbers, Blenders, Refiners, Marine, and more.

Fuel Additives - Packaged and Bulk

Diesel Fuel Additives, Bio-Diesel Fuel Additives, Gasoline Additives, Ethanol Blended Fuel Additives, Heating Oil Additives, IFO Additives, Marine Fuel Additives, Industrial Fuel Oil Additives, Fuel Injector Cleaners, Lubricity Additives, Cetane Improvers, Anti-Gel Additives, Cold Flow Improvers, Wax Modifiers, Water Dispersants, Biocides, Sludge Removers, Air Brake Antifreeze Additives, Fuel System Cleaners, Gasoline Treatments for CVG, RFG, and Ethanol Blended fuels, Combustion Chamber Deposit Cleaners, and Cooling System Products.

Fuel Mileage, Emissions, and Maintenance issues on Diesel and Gasoline Engines both old and new

With the soaring cost of fuels today, users are looking for every possible way to reduce fuel costs.

Our additives are formulated to clean fuel systems from the inside out. A clean fuel system will better atomize fuels causing them to burn more completely and efficiently. We formulate our products to provide real, measurable benefits, and to protect and lengthen the service life of your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, tractor, construction equipment, generator, or other equipment powered by gasoline, diesel, or biodiesel.

Energy Technology Group has a unique proprietary base technology that allows fuels to atomize into smaller droplets. These smaller droplets burn more completely, converting more of the fuels energy into usable power. This gives you a clean engine fuel system, combustion chamber, valves, and if you have one, a cleaner turbocharger. Our additives will then allow these components to produce fuel atomized to the smallest droplets possible, which in turn makes them more fuel efficient, provides more power, and significantly reduces exhaust emissions.

All of this adds up to significantly improved mileage, more power, better drivability, and much lower maintenance costs.

Our products prove themselves every day. Some of the largest fleets in the world use our additives, treatments, and supplements in their fuels, oils, and coolants every day. Our products help get children safely and reliably to school in all weather, help companies and municipalities that pickup your garbage and waste, plow snow on the highways, help goods more across the nation in trucks and trains, and around the world in ships.  We do all of this and much, much more.

Energy Technology Group, Inc. makes a broad range of products for consumers, fleets, industrial, marine, fuel distributors, wholesalers, and jobbers.

Perhaps it is time for you and your organization to look into how Energy Technology Group can help make your operation more efficient, more reliable, safer, and less expensive.

Energy Technology Group Biodiesel Additives

The BioFuel™ line of additives and treatments provide the latest and most effective technologies for treating Biodiesel, biomass based diesel, bio-fuels, and bio-lubricants products.

BioFuel™ additives contains Cold Flow Improvers, Anti-gels, Water Dispersants, Thermal and Oxidative Stability additives, and other components for the treatment of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters B100 (straight biodiesel) and for all Bx and Bxx (B2, B5, B10, B20, and B50) blended biodiesel, biomass based diesel, and petrodiesel fuels.

Energy Technology Group - Optimax™

Additive for Conventional, Reformulated, and Ethanol Blended Gasoline's. Optimax™ significantly increases fuel mileage, stabilizes fuel during storage, protects against the damaging effects of Ethanol in today's gasoline. For Boat, Motorcycle, ATV, RV, Snowmobile, PWC, Classic Cars and Trucks, and all Seasonal Equipment Owners and Operators Optimax™ prevents damage during storage. For all owners of gasoline powered cars and trucks. Optimax™ increases fuel mileage, lowers emissions, and protects engines and fuel system components.

ETG Matrix Fuel Additive Program

A program allowing customers to customize their additive package to meet their individual requirements and specifications. Customers use a "Component Matrix" to determine strength and cost of their package.

Motor Oil Additives - (Retail Packaged and Bulk)

Oil Additives, Oil Supplements, Oil Treatments, EP Additives (Extreme Pressure Additive), Friction Modifiers, Engine Oil Cleaners.

ETG Series - Energy Technology Group Cooling System supplements, Treatments, and Additives

SCA Coolant Additives, Cleaning Products for Cooling Systems, Stop Leak Products, and more.

Energy Technology Group Education and Training

Energy Technology Group strongly believes in customer education and training. We offer educational seminars on fuels (Gasoline's, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Biomass Based Diesel, Ethanol), motor oils, lubricants, coolants, cooling systems, engines, and care and maintenance of emissions devices.
We also offer training on Fluid Exchange, Air Conditioning, Brake Service, and many other areas of maintenance and repair.
These education and training seminars can be used to meet continuing education requirements.

Company Profile

Energy Technology Group, Inc. is a Buffalo, NY based chemical design, formulation, manufacturing, and packaging company. Our products are the result of an ownership and management team that has hands-on experience in the design, formulation, manufacture, and use of diesel fuel additives, bio-diesel additives, gasoline and gasohol additives, lubricating oil additives, cooling system supplements and treatments in the transportation, trucking, automotive, fleet, rail, industrial, power generation, airport FBO, and marine markets.


Energy Technology Group, Inc. is Export Friendly

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Mailing:  Amherst, NY 14226

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