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Air Brake System Antifreeze

Methanol based Air Line/ Air Brake Anti-Freeze for Alcohol Evaporator and Injector Systems. Contains Corrosion Inhibitor and Lubricity Agent to protect Valves and Seals

Key Benefits

  • Methanol Based for Quick Action
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Slows Deterioration of Valves and Seals


Add to Alcohol Evaporator or Injector per Manufacturers Recommendations.

Do Not Add Directly to Air Lines

Product Sizes

Description SKU # Treats US Gallons
32 oz. 12/case 90805 N/A
1 US Gallon 90806 N/A
2.5 US Gallons 90807 N/A
55 US Gallons 90809 N/A


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