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ETG Injector Cleaner

Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner

Quickly and Safely Cleans Diesel Fuel Injectors and Pumps to Reduce Smoke and Emissions; Improve Efficiency, Increase Power, and Improve Startability.

Works In Only One Treatment.

Diesel Fuel Injector Spray Pattern

Before Inject-R-Clean    After Inject-R-Clean


Injector Components (Pintle)

Before ETG-Injector Cleaner    After ETG-Injector Cleaner

Key Benefits

  • Highly Concentrated Formula that meets or Exceeds Engine Manufacturers Deposit and Corrosion Inhibition Standards
  • Reduces Smoke and Emissions in One Treatment
  • Removes Gum, Varnish, and Carbon from Fuel Injectors to Restore Proper Spray Pattern
  • Increases Power and Throttle Response


For best results, use once a month or every 10,000 miles, adding contents to fuel tank(s) prior to fueling. The fueling process will then ensure that complete and proper mixing takes place.

Treatment ratio is 1:1000 which equals 32 oz. per 250 gallons, or 1 gallon per 1000 gallons of fuel.

For even more benefits, we suggest the use of Pinnacle Fuel Supplement or EcoFuel every time you fuel.

Product Information:

Description SKU # Treats (US Gallons)
12 oz. 24/case 90303 40 (per container)
32 oz. 12/case 90305 250 (per container)
1 US Gallon 4/case 90306 1000 (per Container)
2.5 US Gallons (jug) 90306A 2,500
55 US Gallons (drum) 90309 55,000
275 US Gallons (tote) 90300 275,000

ETG Injector Cleaner Sell Sheet (pdf)

Safety Information


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