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EcoFlow 1000


Energy Technology Group, Inc.

Biodiesel Performance Additive

EcoFlow 1000 is a Completely New Additive Package for Bulk Treatment of B100 Biofuels.

Proprietary Formulation based on a combination of the newest biofuel cold flow improvement technologies.

Treats transesterified vegetable and animal fat oil derived biodiesel.

Provides Excellent Cold Weather Protection for all methyl esters. Most effective product available for hard to treat SME, RME, CME, and PME fuels.

Lowers CFPP by 15F to 20F.

Provides increased stability for Biodiesel.

Draws out and disperses water held in the fuel.

Inhibits bacterial and fungal growth in Biodiesel without the need for pesticides.

"A" Rated Corrosion Inhibitor to Reduce Engine and Storage Tank Corrosion.

Reduces or eliminates formation of Gums, Varnishes, and Carbon in the fuel system.

Dramatically Slows Sludge Formation in Engine Oil.


Features and Benefits:

  • Fully formulated, Biodiesel additive

  • Protects against gelling and freeze-ups

  • Excellent Fuel System Cleaner

  • Corrosion protection

  • Totally disperses water

  • Inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi without the need for pesticides


Keep Out of Reach of Children


For best results, use every time you add fuel to your storage tank, adding contents to tank prior to unloading fuel. The fuel delivery process will ensure that complete and proper mixing takes place.

Use 1 gallon for each 100 to 1000 gallons of fuel (1:100 - 1:1000 treatment ratio).

EcoFlow 1000 will disperse (eliminate) up to 1/4 of its own volume of water.

Results will vary depending on base product fuel is derived from.


Package Size            Treats                     Quantity/Case              Part Number

32 oz.                           25-250  US Gallons                 12 per case                               91415

1 US Gallon               100-1,000   US Gallons             4   per case                              91416

2.5 US Gallon            250-2,500   US Gallons              2  per case                              91416A

55 US Gallons       5500-55,000   US Gallons                   1                                          91419

275 US Gallons    2750-275,000   US Gallons                  1                                          91400

Larger Bulk sizes available, please contact us for pricing.

Storage and Blending:

Needs to be stored above 40°F.

If stored below 40°F, allow product to warm up to least 60°F before use.

Blending should take place with the B100 fuel at or above 60°F. For best results blend between 131F and 160F.

NOTE: (Blending below this temperature range may result in performance less than described. Blending below 60 °F may result in incomplete blending and or possible product separation).

Use all appropriate safety measures and extreme caution in blending at these temperatures.

For more information please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

All used and unused product and its containers should be disposed of in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

EcoFlow 1000 Sell Sheet (pdf) 


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