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EcoFuel with Lubricity

The Hi-Tech Lubricity Improver, Treatment and Conditioner for today's fuels.

Use for trucks, buses, marine applications, power generation, industrial boilers, construction, railroad, government/military, and automotive

EcoFuel with Lubricity is the All-Season Treatment for Diesel and other Fuels to Restore the Lubricity to Low and Ultra Low Sulfur Fuels, Improve Fuel Efficiency, Increase Power, Reduce Emissions, Reduce Engine Wear, Stabilize Fuel, and Eliminate the Harmful Effects of Water in the Fuel.

EcoFuel with Lubricity is an organic based product that when used as directed will bring the Lubricity of Low and Ultra Low Sulfur fuels to meet or exceed the manufacturers B.O.C.L.E., S.L.B.O.C.L.E.,  and or H.F.R.R. requirements. Additionally, it is a powerful fuel system cleaner. It dissolves the gum, varnish, and carbon deposits that distort injector or burner spray patterns and damage delicate injector and pump components. Cleaning these parts allows your engine to operate with all the efficiency that the manufacturer designed into it.

Key Benefits


For best results, use every time you fuel, adding contents to fuel tank(s) prior to fueling. The fueling process will then ensure that complete and proper mixing takes place.

Treatment ratio is 1:1000 which equals 32 oz. per 250 gallons, or 1 gallon per 1000 gallons of fuel.

First time users can use a ratio of 1:500 which is 32 oz. per 125 gallons, or 1 gallon per 500 gallons of fuel to speed the cleaning process.

When operating in extreme conditions, i.e. marine, high humidity, poor quality fuel, it is acceptable to use 32 oz. per 125 gallons (1:500) on a regular basis.

EcoFuel with Lubricity with Lubricity will eliminate approximately one half its own volume in water.

For cold weather operation with Lubricity additive, we suggest the use of Pinnacle Fuel Supplement.


Description SKU # Treats US Gallons
32 oz. 12/case 90405 250 (per Container)
1 US Gallon 4/case 90406 1000 (per container)
2.5 US Gallons (jug) 90406A 2,500
55 US Gallons (drum) 90409 55,000
275 US Gallons (tote) 90400 275,000

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EcoFuel with Lubricity Sell Sheet (pdf)



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