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Pinnacle Fuel Supplement

The Ultimate All Season, Year-Round Hi-Tech Fuel Additive and Anti-Gel for the treatment of Ultra-Low Sulfur (ULSD - S-15), Low Sulfur (LSD - S-500), and High Sulfur (HSD - S-5000) Diesel Fuels

The Everything in One Package Treatment to produce *Premium Diesel Fuel.

Using Pinnacle Fuel Supplement can actually save you money. Why spend the extra money for blended fuel (#1D or Kerosene blended with #2D) when Pinnacle can do more for less. Blended fuel is both expensive and counterproductive. Number 1D fuel and or Kerosene has significantly less BTU's  per gallon* than does straight #2D fuel. So using these products gives you less energy per gallon. #1D and or Kerosene are more expensive than #2D.

Raw (untreated) # 2 Diesel Fuel at -25? F

Blended fuel costs more per gallon and gives you less energy (mileage and power).

Using Pinnacle as directed with straight #2D fuel will give you greater protection to a lower temperature for less than the cost of blended fuel. Plus you get more energy (mileage, power) and all the many other benefits of using Pinnacle.

*BTU's per gallon (approximate) of:

  • #2D - Diesel Fuel - 138,500 - 147,000 BTU's per gallon
  • #1D - #1 Diesel or Kerosene - 130,000 - 136,000 BTU's per gallon
  • # 2 Diesel Fuel Treated with Pinnacle Fuel Supplement  at -30°F

    Key Benefits



    For best results, use every time you fuel, adding contents to fuel tank(s) prior to fueling. The fueling process will then ensure that complete and proper mixing takes place.

    Treatment ratio is 1:1000 which equals 32 oz. per 250 gallons, or 1 gallon per 1000 gallons of fuel.

    First time users can use a ratio of 1:500 which is 32 oz. per 125 gallons, or 1 gallon per 500 gallons of fuel to further lower CFPP and PP and to speed the cleaning process.

    When operating in extreme conditions, i.e. extreme cold, marine, high humidity, poor quality fuel, it is acceptable to use 32 oz. per 125 gallons (1:500) on a regular basis.

    Product Sizes

    Description SKU # Treats US Gallons
    12 oz. 24/case 90703 40 (per container)
    32 oz. 12/case 90705 250 (per container)
    1 US Gallon 4/case 90706 1000 (per container)
    2.5 US Gallons (jug) 90706A 2,500
    55 US Gallons (drum) 90709 55,000
    275 US Gallons (tote) 90700 275,000

    Pinnacle Fuel Supplement Sell Sheet (pdf)

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