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Informational Articles on a Broad Range of Important Subjects

Premium Fuel Requirements
NCWM Premium Fuel Guidelines
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Update
Get Ready for June 2006
Lubricity in Diesel Fuels
What you need to do
MTBE and Ethanol as Gasoline Oxygenates
MTBE out, Ethanol in
More Gasoline Problems
Refiners cut Detergents by up to 2/3
The Price of Fuel
What is driving the pricing of fuels
Backup and Standby Generators
How to maintain stored fuels
Magnetic Fuel Treatment Devices
The myth behind the magnetism
Fuel Pipeline Information
How Ultra- Low Sulfur Fuels will be handled
Ethanol - Ethanol as a Replacement for MTBE
More issues for you to be aware of...
Oil Sludges in Gasoline Engines
Problems with Sludge Formation and Oil Starvation in Auto Engines
Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel
The Waiting is over, ULSD is Here Right Now
June 2006
Radiator / Antifreeze Problems in Gasoline Engines
Silicate Drop Out and Solids Formation
Why Should I use Nitrogen
Why Nitrogen is Better than Free Air
Basic Petroleum Statistics
What is Refined from a Barrel of Crude
Water Generation in Stored Fuels
How does water get into my fuel

July 2006

Ultra-Low Sulfur (S-15) Diesel Facts
What you need to know
Is Sticktion even a Real Word
Oil Carbonization in Fuel Injectors
Crude Oil and Total Petroleum Imports
More Finished Goods Being Imported
Diesel Powered Audi Wins 24 Hours of Le-Mans
A 650 bhp. 12 Cylinder Diesel Shows It's Stuff
August 2006
New Diesel Motor Oil CI-4 vs CJ-4
Which Oil is Right for your operation
New EPA Fuel Additive Labeling Requirements
Are you in Compliance?
Why is my diesel fuel a different color
The many colors of ULSD


November 2006

Changes in Gasoline's and Related Problems
Ethanol and Other Problems
Winter Blended Diesel Fuels
Are You Getting What You Pay For?
Fluids Maintenance
What you Need to Know about Fluids


June 2007

Biodiesel June 2007
Biodiesel - What to do
Use of Diesel Fuel Additives
Why you should use additives all the time
Winter Blended Fuels
New Information June 2007
NRLM - Non-Road, Locomotive, and Marine Fuels
Off-Road Fuels EPA Mandated Changes


July 2007

Black Fuel Filters
Asphaltene Production and Re-polymerization in ULSD Fuels
Phase Separation in Ethanol Blended Gasoline's
Water problems in gasoline containing ethanol
Winter Problems with ULSD
Latest update on cold weather problems with ULSD


August 2007


September 2007

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Cold Weather Information
September 2007 ULSD Cold Weather Information
Oil Sludging Problems
Oil Sludging in Diesel and Gasoline Engines
New Automotive Diesels
New Automotive Diesels Boost Mileage Reduce Emissions

October 2007


November 2007


December 2007

NRLM - Non-Road, Locomotive, and Marine Diesel
New Rules for Off-Highway Fuels
Latest Information on ULSD
Updated information on Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuels
Cloud Point versus Cold Filter Plug Point
How ULSD has changed the way we determine cold weather operability of Diesel Fuel

June 2008

Phase Separation in Ethanol Blended Gasoline's
What is it, how does it happen, how to prevent it, and what to do when it does happen.
Coolant Problems in 2007-2008 and newer Diesel Engines
Problems caused by extreme high heat loads in newer engines and issues with substandard coolants
NYS Diesel Retrofit Law
New NYS Law requires retrofit of particulate filters on all state, leased, and contracted diesel powered vehicles and equipment.

July 2008


August 2008


September 2008

Ford TSB 08-7-2 Root Cause Failure Analysis
Stop replacing the same parts over and over, Fuel is the Problem
More BioDiesel Confusion
New Federal Rules on Labeling
Urea Use in 2009 Light Duty and 2010 Medium and Heavy Duty Diesels
Information on Urea that will be required for new diesel powered vehicles.

October 2008


November 2008


December 2008


January 2009

What is Gelling in Diesel Fuels
Gelling, What It Is and What to Do About it
What is Icing in Fuels
Icing, What It Is and What to Do About It
"AJ's" Case Study in fuel economy improvement with Pinnacle Fuel Supplement
How using the Right Fuel Additive Will Dramatically Improve Fuel Economy - October 2008 - Movin Out Magazine
"AJ's" Case Study Naming Pinnacle Fuel Supplement
The Only Additive that Actually Does What it Says It Will Do - December 2008 - Movin Out Magazine

February 2009




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